Synthetic Grass with memory and Ecodrain

Lizzeri’s new Product this year!Grass with memory! and Ecodrain for the best synthetic grass in the world!

Green with MEMORY! Provided with a special rib that allows the thread to return to the upright position after being stepped on, this allows to have always a good lawn and without brushing.

The most important news is the bottom in EcoDrain!

This product is unique on the market, made of 100% recyclable materials, has the DRAINAGE properties that the most common synthetic surfaces do not have. The properties of the materials used and its water retention favored by the presence of a further layer placed at the base of the carpet, contributes to lowering the temperature during the summer months, and then to make perfect lawn.

Vertical wall with Green Musk
Mossy Furnitures- Fuori Salone Milano


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