Synthetic Garden

With synthetic grass your garden is green 24/7

The lawn where you’ve never imagined! Lizzeri offers high quality of synthetic turf, the result of twenty years of experience in the world of gardening.

We give you the opportunity to have a evergreen lawn and enviable all the time of the year, saving time and money respecting the environment. In fact our turfs are designed with the best materials, but especially hypoallergenic materials and free of heavy metals, therefore suitable for everyone (children, adults, pets). Our lawns are applicable on any surface where you want to have a green lawn (terraces, pool surrounds, patios).

Our lawns are certified and guaranteed, and for this reason they are applicable in kindergartens or playgrounds where children can run and play freely on a soft and safe surface.

Our lawns are applicable on any surface, wherever you want to have a green grass (terraces, pool surrounds, patios). We have several models of turf for ornamental use. According to the needs of our customers, we can choose the right lawn for you!

Località Martelosio 9, 25010 Pozzolengo (BS) Tel. +39 333 2142662  Fax +39  030 9918258 Mail

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