Using Nordic Stabilised Musk

Why you should use stabilised Nordic Musk,Mossy Furnitures?

The Lizzeri Musk is the Nordic stabilized Musk, commonly called Reindeermoss “reindeer lichen”, which allows you to recreate green areas that do not need care and maintenance.

Unlike traditional green walls in fact the walls made with the Nordic Moss Stabilized are maintenance, irrigation systems specific it special lighting. In addition, the Nordic Moss, although present in nature of a neutral color, thanks to the addition of natural pigments can be combined in its different variants of colors.

This allows designers and interior decorators to use this Moss Nordic Stabilized unlimited and full freedom of design. Your use of the Moss is recommended in damp, moisture keeps the softness and shine of Moss Nordic stabilized, and far from the light leak and from direct heat sources.

These are the only indications regarding the preservation of the Nordic Moss stabilized. By using this Moss Nordic stabilized is finally possible to have the Green Indoor without the problems arising from the management of plants and hanging gardens. Thanks to the versatility of Moss in Design and our experience in the field of processing Polystyrene can give life to plant walls and green corners original, unique and amazing visual impact.

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